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About the face behind Hawkstone Handmade

I'm Sarah Matthews and I have been crafting all my life. It's only now that I've been able to devote my full attention and time to what was once a hobby. Like most girls, my introduction to crafting came from my mother. Anything she was making, I wanted to be involved in.  My mother was and is still a very keen bobbin lace maker. For my 7th birthday I finally received my very own lace pillow and bobbins and so my life of crafting began.

My Design Philosophy

In 2002, I completed my City & Guilds Certificate in Creative Lacemaking. The first part of this course is an element in preparing working designs. I collect inspirations everywhere I go and photos for new design  ideas.

The background to Hawkstone Handmade

Hawkstone Handmade was originally known as Hector’s Handmade and we had Hector the sausage dog as our logo. However, over time we became known for our camel cushions and ‘Cecil’ our camel became the main feature. Our best selling flag and camel cushions became our symbol. In September 2018, Hector decided to take a well-earned retirement and let Cecil take over as our brand ambassador. During a visit to the UK, Hector decided he would like to spend his retirement at our cottage, Hawkstone View, so we changed the company name to Hawkstone Handmade and made Cecil the logo you see today. 

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