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Knitting For Good Causes

Knitting has been making a come back recently, possibly as a result of TV shows like Sewing Bee and the Great British Bake Off where people can see the enjoyment making things can bring. Admittedly, there were some tears on the episodes as well but that shows how passionate people are to make something really nice.

I’ve only ever been a basic knitter. I’m happy with that and I think that will never change as a result. For me it’s an easy hobby to do whilst sitting watching the TV. Simple rows of knitting can be very relaxing and there have been studies showing the medical benefits and claims that it can be as relaxing as yoga, help with arthritis, bring down blood pressure, keep the mind sharp and boost general wellbeing. There are also lots of good causes that you can knit for, so it can be a win-win hobby.

With my simple knitting I’ve been making squares to make blankets for baby rhinos. Baby rhinos, like most baby animals, are very cute but so many of them are left orphaned due to the poaching of their parents. You might think it a bit strange that a baby rhino would need a blanket. In the wild their mothers would keep them warm and regulate their body temperature. The blankets provide them with some warmth and comfort.

The simple 20cm squares are knitted and joined together to make different sized blankets.

You can find out more details of this good cause at

The 22ndof September is World Rhino Day and everyone is encouraged to knit one red square to convey this wonderful animal’s tragic struggle as a result of the actions humans.

Here's my one red square.

Feel like you’d like to get knitting? There are plenty of groups looking for all sorts of different knitted or crocheted items, so there’s lots of choice in things to make. A simple search on the internet will bring them up and you too can join the knitting revival and feel the claimed health benefits that go along with it :)

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