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Saving Christmas Cards!

I'm lucky, in that every year I receive some handmade stitched Christmas cards. They are precious and I wanted to have them on display every year but without hanging them as cards.

So I decided to turn them into tree decorations.

Robin Christmas Card and Felt Heart Tree Decorations

Christmas Pudding Christmas Card

I separated the stitched motif from the card.

Felt Hearts Cut Out

Cut out 2 felt heart shapes.

Attached the motif to the heart, 'Blanket Stitched' the 2 hearts together and attached some beads and a hanging ribbon.

Here are some more of the finished ones.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I'll be turning these into kits with a 'Love' theme. Keep an eye on the 'Craft Kits' page on the website or drop me an email if you'd like to know more.

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